South Africa's Leading fire detection company

Sensor Special Risk

Protecting assets since 1991

Fire Detection and Suppression

Sensor Special Risk Technologies offers industry-leading engineered fire suppression and detection systems.  Sensor Special Risk was founded in 1991 and has been successfully servicing the needs of major industries in South Africa and southern Africa. Over the years the competence and reach of the company has expanded with completed projects in Angola, Swaziland, Zambia, Uganda and Madagascar and growing.

Large complex projects are our specialty

We service a wide variety of industries

Petrochemical industries

Petrochemical industries

Many projects have been successfully completed at one of South Africa’s leading supplier of petrochemicals. Successful installations have been carried out in areas such as cable basements, process control rooms, substations and even on-site canteens. Furthermore, we maintain the existing detection system in working order to facilitate the safe functioning of the various plants.

Medical facilities

Clinics and hospitals should be seen as places where you should be safe and concentrate on regaining your strength and health without been concerned about your safety. This is why there are very specific requirements for fire detection in these facilities. We have carried out several successful installations in hospitals. All the installations are compliant with not only SANS 10139 (Detection in buildings) but SANS 322 (Detection in hospitals) as well.

Power generating plants

Power generating plants

As we all are aware, power generation in South Africa is a critical part of keeping the economy healthy. The protection of the assets in a power station are of vital importance to an economically stable South Africa. To these ends we have been involved with the design and installation of fire detection and suppression systems in several Power Stations. We also supply solutions for smaller substations at factories and businesses.