Sasol Petrochemicals

SSR has been active on the Sasol Plants for many years. We have carried out many successful installations protecting Control rooms, process plants, substations and various other facilities. With many years of experience on-site, we have built up a very strong team that understands the requirements of the client, from SHE related issues all the way through to supplying robust installations that are able to withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

Eskom Power Stations

In South Africa we are acutely aware of how important a steady, reliable source of electricity is. Over the past years we have been involved with designing, supplying and maintaining fire detection and suppression systems at several Eskom sites.

Medical facilities


When admitted to hospital, the last thing on your mind should be your safety while there.

To this end, we have been involved with several hospitals and clinics from supplying Fire detection systems to protect the patients and staff to servicing and ensuring that the detection systems are functional when required.

Data centers

Data centres are becoming more and more critical to the business continuity for many companies. Therefore, the protection of server rooms should be high on the list to require protection. We have supplied systems for all manner of server rooms, from the largest corporations to the smallest companies. No matter what the size is, we will design a system to suit your requirements.

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Our Clients

Some of the leading brands we work with